Saturday, March 8, 2008

Easter things..............

These gorgeous purple crocuses are up and blooming like crazy! It amazes me every single spring how something so beautiful can come up out of the cold ground and a brown little bulb........and every spring when I see the first blooms of the season, I am renewed again. And I know that Easter can't be far away!
While digging in the barn for something this week, I unearthed a couple of my old painted ceramic Easter eggs.........this one is actually lavender with purple violets, but the camera can't distinguish purples very well. For nearly 25 years DH and I made ceramic eggs and I painted them with flowers and fruits and bunnies to sell. Sometimes as many as 4 dozen eggs in about two months' time! I took a "tole and decorative painting" class back in the 60's and since then have used many a bottle of acrylic paints!
The eggs were so time-intensive to pour liquid clay into the molds and wait to dry; then clean up the greenware; then fire the kiln full; all before I could sit down and paint one! So I started buying solid wood eggs all ready for painting! Much faster and cheaper, I suppose. Mama always got the first painted egg of the season every year; then I'd do some for close friends and relatives; then started selling them locally. I had some great and faithful customers around town for years.......maybe I'll paint Easter eggs again, but for now I'm addicted to beading! Hey, maybe I can cover an egg with beads somehow..........hmmmm................

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Gypsy said...

pretty, pretty PRETTY! But not half as pretty as that be-u-tiful shrug/stole/scarf you sent me! And just in time, too, as it is cold as the proverbial tit here!
thank-you so much Phyl!
ps try taking pics of your purple painting outside in the morning- it takes sunlight with the full spectrum to catch it properly.