Monday, March 10, 2008

A quilted fairy tale book.............

Please right-click on the photo of the book shown above and see the precious little children and's a photo of an actual hand-made quilt that took a master quilter one year and one day to complete! Her name is Sieglinde Schoen Smith and she resides in Pennsylvania. The story and illustrations are based on Smith's favorite German fairy tale she heard as a child.

Sibylle von Olfers wrote the original German folk tale, which was first published in 1906. Exactly a century after the original book was published, Smith started making the quilt to honor her favorite childhood story.

Jack Zipes translated the original fairy tale from German into English; the title is "Mother Earth and Her Children, a Quilted Fairy Tale". It is published by Breckling Press in Illinois. I wish every quilter and every artist and every needlewoman could see this beautiful work of art up close; the details of thousands of tiny pieces of fabric all sewn together by hand just takes my breath away!

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Clevelandgirlie said...

Are the pictures in the storybook quilted pieces? I'm unclear. I bought Sabrina the book - The Quiltmaker's Gift AND the accompanying quilt pattern book. The story and quilts are lovely. I collect books and I just may have to look in to that lovely book you have.