Sunday, March 16, 2008

Deadline doll.................!

This piece I'm beading on is a "mini challenge" going on in the Yahoo group "Beaded Art Dolls". We have to use a face of some kind, and beads, and can choose whether to make a pendant or a pin/brooch. I had this large beautiful face made of polymer clay I bought online and want to make a large brooch/pin using her face and beads and some kind of fiber.
I guess my "fiber" is turning out to be this hot pink ribbon; the background everything is being hand-sewn onto is a thick piece of felt. These photos were taken while I was trying to decide on which glass beads, etc. to put around her face instead of the usual peyote stitch band. And of course I want leaves and flowers and such because it's finally SPRING around these parts, and things are beginning to bloom!

I really love this look using the freshwater "blister" pearls, but they're expensive and need filling in at the little gaps. So I've dug out of my glass bead stashes other green and white and gold and pink and lavender and hopefully I can show you a finished photo of the brooch soon, because her deadline is the end of March. And I forgot Easter was in there somewhere and we'll have family coming to visit and eat and entertain for a week!!!!!!!! That's all good; I just didn't realize Easter was in March when I signed up for not one, but TWO small beading projects which have a deadline the last of March. I can hear Mama from the cemetery: "Oh, ye of little faith!" heh, heh............thank God she passed on her wonderful sense of humor to me. It has gotten me thru worse time crunches than these! So those of you who lead boring lives, stay tuned and see if I make my deadlines..........hmmmmm.............(excuse me while I go send up a little prayer to get me on my way!)

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