Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm a historic cemetery buff..............

This week's weather has been so beautiful that I drove through our local historic Fairview Cemetery to get some new photos. This big lot has a wonderful ironwork fence around it, and this pretty little gate at the entrance.
And this lot has a gorgeous and tremendous OLD tree that has long ago grown and spread its roots tenderly around several of the older head stones. I love the thought of loved ones buried in this lot being looked over (literally!) by huge green boughs in the summertime; and in the winter the same branches are bare and beautiful against the blue sky.

Lots of people don't care for cemeteries, but I'm thankful my mama always took me with her to tend our family's lot when I was little, and she knew where lots of older families were buried and lots of interesting tidbits about some of the families there. We little ones ran and played and climbed on the monuments and headstones while Mama did the work of raking or planting spring bulbs or clearing out weeds. I'm glad she passed her love for pretty old cemeteries down to me; she and I have spent many a pleasant hour roaming around old ones in our short travels from home. I also have taken some nice rubbings from some unusual headstones through the years, and wish I could afford a gorgeous big angel for MY headstone when I croak! Heh, heh......our family also has a sick sense of humor..........and I have a page torn out of a magazine of a beautiful angel that sits at the gravesite of some famous book author (that I cannot remember the name right now!) He's a North Carolina writer; it will come to me eventually and I'll let you know, and post some more photos the next pretty day I'm rambling around the cemeteries in this neck of the woods!

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tammy said...

hi phyl
i love old cemetaries too-
always wanted to do a rubbing-any suggestions??
have a great day