Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Meet "Miss Maggie"............

I want my blog readers to meet "Miss Maggie", a beaded art doll that was made by a dear online friend, Maggie R. in Canada! She is a wonderfully creative fibre artist and makes beautiful art projects (as well as being a master beader!) Thank you, Maggie, for this sweet doll you sent for my birthday, and for the thought and little card attached which let me know she was meant to bring me "a healing spirit", "friendship", "hope", "energy", and "restful sleep"! I've been in a slump both physically and mentally since Christmas and Maggie evidently thought I was in bad enough shape to need one of her special "Healing Spirit" dolls! And I did!
And I'm better! She makes these sweet dolls in different colors to represent different needs, and sells them on her etsy shop, or through her blog. Be sure to visit her at
Her blog is listed in my right=hand column here on my blog; be sure to visit her soon! And remember to right-click on these photos and they will enlarge so you can see the details and beading work!

This doll is wearing a little tiny angel on a necklace, and the fabric is one of my "old-age" favorite colors: hot pinks! She has a heart friendship pin and a breast cancer ribbon, and a heart-shaped bead......all sorts of beautiful glass beads in her dangles from hand and feet! Her back, shown above, is covered with pink iridescent sequins and what a wonderful full head of loopy hair she has! It just makes me happy and feel good to hold her in my hand and feel her the way, Maggie's motto is "Life is short.....
wear sequins!" And I agree with her entirely. It's a shame most of us muddle through our youth and middle-age trying to please everyone else, and only at the end of life while enjoying our "golden years" do we have nerve enough to break out and wear our bright colors and sparkly jewelry and sequins!


Noel said...

She is a beauty...I agree Maggie is a master beader and a sweet special friend!

tammy said...

hi phyl
isn't she wonderful-just like maggie :)
that beauty will surely get anyone out of a slump!!
have a great day

Mieke said...

Love it!!!