Friday, March 14, 2008

Sure signs of spring.............

Yesterday our weather was around 65 degrees and sunny! When I went uptown and walked by the bank, these bright and cheerful yellow and purple pansies got my attention immediately. Some summers they plant this area with red geraniums also; I'll keep watch! I have to admire everyone else's pansies each spring now because we have lots of deer who absolutely love the taste, evidently, and mow ours down the first night I plant any! I guess they're hungry for a taste of spring "greens", like people are following a long winter! (And yes, we've tried all the "remedies" to keep them away; they don't work.)

Okay, here comes a daily march of the bunnies living around my house and yard. My sweet online friend Susan C. in Alabama posted her bunnies around her place and challenged other bloggers to do the same.........she says it's almost Easter, and high time to get'em out!!! So here's my first's a little concrete rabbit many years old, but he's so far resisting my attempts to get him properly "aged" with rust and green moss, etc.
I might try the buttermilk/vinegar or some such yucky mixture I read about to put on concrete pieces outdoors to "age" them quickly.


Gammie said...


The pansies are gorgeous and I love the rabbit. Can't wait until Ohio gets some signs of Spring. I'll have to look at everyone's blogs to have a taste of the beautiful flowers.


Maggie R said...

Gee Phyl,
I haven't done any visiting for ages and wow you have some lovely things here to look at..... The rabbits are absolutely delightful and the flowers!!!!! Oh My they are beautiful, No sign of anything like that around here under the mounds of snow. It is raining to-day so that's a start eh??!!