Friday, March 28, 2008

Camellias and cats............

These gorgeous pink camellia blooms came off two huge old shrubs that are in my niece's yard across the pond. They're about 25 yrs. old and have been blooming for weeks! The cold nights ruined most of the early blooms, but these warm days and nights we're having this week lets them stay long enough for me to go snitch some. I wish camellias had fragrance; they are so beautiful, they look as though they SHOULD smell nice too!
Here's the indoor white Baby Sister cat talking to the two grey striped outdoor cats...........that's big, fat Itsy Bitsy at the left, and her mama (named "Mama Cat") on the right. I'm SO great w/names of pets! When Itsy Bitsy was born, she was the runt of the litter........Mama Cat showed up here in the winter as a starving, pregnant "teenager". Of course we fed her and the kittens 'til they tamed somewhat; she was a feral cat. And the best hunter!!! (I worry about our birds, but usually they bring them to me without hurting them!) So some kittens were given to good homes and we had Mama Cat and Bitsy spayed a few months later. And Bitsy just grew and her belly fat nearly drags the ground! (But we don't tell her because it would hurt her feelings.)

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