Sunday, March 30, 2008

A stamping good time!

Recently I ordered a letter-sized sheet of rubber stamps........unmounted
stamps, that is! The prices of stamps unmounted is HALF the price of the same images that come already stuck to a wooden block! Well, duh. It didn't take me long to realize I could get half-priced stamps and get DH to cut me some scraps of lumber to fit each image. Then the images are cut around with scissors (which will make your hand REALLY bruised and sore if you do many at the time!) Ask me how I know.
Here are some of the face images (I love faces!) and if you left-click on this photo above, you can see I've cut the images out of the sheet of red rubber and then using double-stick tape, I've cut same-size lavender foam shapes to match each one. The foam is the inexpensive kind from the discount stores that kids play with, and comes in all colors in letter-size sheets. You can only see the lavender edges here under some of the stamps.........after sticking the foam to the wooden block, I tape the image of red rubber onto the foam (still using the wonderful double-sided tape!) Now we're all ready to stamp anything that gets in the way!
Isn't the little girl's face in the round image above wonderful?!! This whole sheet of images was mostly new faces for my collection. They are different sizes; some can be used for doll faces.........just stamp onto the fabric with a permanent inkpad ink. I have this oversize black ink pad that I practice with before getting out the colored ink stamp pads........and I don't invest in many of those because I'd rather stamp in black or brown and fill in soft pastel colors with pens or paints or chalks. Stay tuned to see new "faces" on my projects coming soon!


Clevelandgirlie said...

Phyl - you have WAAAAAY too many toys for just one girl!!! I'm envious.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Hey wyld chyld!! When shall I expect my artfully stamped p-card in the mail? -just teasin-

I'M BACK! She's done, d-o-n-e, doooone. Stop by, Lady Love Squared can't wait to meet you. xo, Monica :)

Noel said...

Hey Phyl, great stamps....a gal can never have tooo many!