Saturday, March 22, 2008

Waiting for the Easter bunny............

Isn't this vintage baby doll in her old baby carriage sweet?!! She's one of a collection of vintage babies and accoutrements belonging to my best buddy Harriet M. here in Warren County. HM is also a very talented artist and I hope I've finally talked her into painting some/one of her dollies ....... wouldn't they make wonderful note cards also?! She has collected some beautiful dolls and little quilts and clothing and one day this winter, we found in a local antique shop a sweet print of an old dolly, already framed! Of course it had to go live in Harriet's "doll room"....... and she still has her own dollies she played with as a child in VERY good
dolls, on the other hand, are pitiful! I played with them too much and gave them haircuts and painted their nails, etc. but I still have them. Maybe the Easter bunny will bring me a new doll one of these years to work on!!!
This is Easter weekend........ very early this year and we have loved ones who live far away here for a few days. The house smells wonderful with fragrances coming from the oven; and today is perfectly beautiful outdoors: the sun is shining, the temp is 71 degrees, and trees and flowers are sprouting buds and blooms! I hope you all are having a blessed Easter holiday...........

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