Friday, March 21, 2008

New spring buds!!

Our weeping willow trees are finally budding out at the pond! DH rooted and planted three at the pond and they made it through the drought except for maybe the smallest one.
He put this wire fencing around the little trees when we had a beaver living in the pond last year, just in case the beaver "needed" tender young tree trunks to build its dam. This spring the beaver is gone and the little trees are putting out new baby leaves that feel like velvet or satin. And they'll enjoy the sun and warmth today and's in the 60's! I'm off to do my walk and check the bluebird houses.........


Noel said...

Oh what lovely pictures....spring has definitely come to NC!!
Have a very Blessed Easter!

Gammie said...

At least Tammy didn't wave her wand towards NC. lol

Have a Happy Easter.