Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My old painting............

In cleaning out my back workroom recently, I found this old acrylic painting of apples I did on an old, bug-eaten piece of wood. It's a "stop chute" piece from an old grist mill here in Warren County. I've always dragged home "weathered" pieces of wood to paint on, and this fit the bill; plus it was from our locality.
I learned to do tole/decorative painting way back in the 1970s, and after a few local classes, I bought all of Priscilla Hauser's painting books one at the time. Her style of painting was what I wanted to do........with the flowing mixture of lights into darks; and her famous "curly-cues" she puts on her floral pieces. Her books are wonderful with step-by-step directions and illustrations! For dummies like me who were artist "wanna-be's".........and it worked!
I posted this photo so you could see the wonderful bore holes from various decades at the abandoned grist mill that are in the wood. I also love to bring back driftwood from the beach, and "sea glass" pieces.


Noel said...

Phyllis, I love your apple painting. I use to tole paint your blog!

Maggie R said...

Oh My Phyl, I am so behind in seeing what you have been up to...
I love the apples and the old wood, I love the forsythia in bloom but I have no love for the lizard! Do you have a lot of those around? Love the doll. I don't have any of my things I use to play with!! Maybe i didn't have any?? boo hoo
Oh well I have lots of playthings now!!!
Take care my friend and enjoy your lovely weather while we are getting more snow!!!!!!