Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring has sprung!!!

Aren't these cheerful, happy jonquils and daffodils and whatever else some people call them just so gorgeous and beautiful??? They've been slowly poking their pointy little heads through our cold soil for a couple of weeks.
On my walk yesterday........lo and behold! They are not only UP, but OPEN and smelling nice as well. I haven't seen my old paperwhite narcissus ones yet; I wonder if the moles or some other critter ate them. And I have three spindly pink hyacinths blooming, so I snatched all of them up and have them in the house today to cheer us up.......we're having wonderful and much-needed rains all day today, but it's very dark and dreary looking.
And my arthritic hand is REALLY bugging me today; of all times to act up: I have two beading projects in the works and some pillows to stuff and sew made from an old damaged chenille bedspread! Well, I'll just get back to my chaise loungue with the cat and snacks and magazines until I can function again!

Last night at bedtime there were two possums eating the spilled sunflower seed under the bird feeder at the bedroom window. Then at 4 a.m. when I made a nightly trek to the bathroom........there was movement in the night light/moonlight at the same window! I got my trusty 10-lb. black flashlight and put it to the window and shaded around it with my other hand to see what it was..........the beautiful red fox was back! And "somebody" who rambles around out there every night had turned over my tall copper bird bath on legs, but I used it now for seed. It happened again the other night also. DH says possums can't jump so it must be the raccoon who comes fairly often. Or the fox. Or the little herd of 7 deer who come for the corn we put out at night beside their salt block. There's just no telling how many little critters are out in our big yards at night..........we talked of setting up a motion-sensitive camera to see what would trip the camera lens during the night.......stay tuned!
SPECIAL NOTICE: for a girl named Tracey who commented on my blue knitted scarf yesterday here on the blog and wants to buy one........your replies I send keep coming back; and there's nowhere I can find on your blog that offers me an email addy for you! You live in Texas and sew up beautiful aprons on one of your blogs! If anyone knows her, please tell her to email me, please! Thanks everyone who visits here, and have a nice upcoming weekend!


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Sounds like you live in an enchanted forest. We have deer, possums, turkeys, armadillas, an occasional rabbit, and (unfortunately) coyotes around here.

Sue K. said...

You have no clue how envious I am right now...over a foot of snow, and still coming down. I figure I'll see flowers in June.