Friday, June 6, 2008

Beads aplenty!

I got these treasures unexpectedly in the mailbox today!!! Gorgeous glass beads in lots of sizes and shapes and colors; mostly seeds which I use plenty of in my projects. My dear (and generous!) friend Sandy in Florida included a note to say her "beading days" were over and she was moving on to other handwork that she loves better, and she was giving me her little bead collection! I am still trying to get my jaw off the floor...... thank you, dear one! I'll think of you when using these gorgeous babies on many upcoming projects already in my please excuse me while I go call Sandy to thank her so VERY much!!!


Betty said...

haha lots and lots of beads, what you goin to sew them to.

justthesmallstuff said...

What a wonderful surprise and a wonderful friend!