Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Clematis and cats..............

I'm glad I snapped this photo of our pink clematis bloom last week; our drought situation is worse with no measurable rains and everything is suffering. We've watered several early mornings a few select things, but our faithful deep well that has served us for 40+ years may or may NOT have plenty of water left! I'm afraid to push it; I'd rather we have drinking and bath water in the house than more blooms outdoors...........we are still under the awful heat wave that's sitting on the east coast. Today is another humid and very hot day at 100 degrees........at least I've been productive in the art rooms since I'm house-bound until it cools off! My early walk this morning at 6:30 wasn't too bad, but now I need a nap! DH is determined to clean out the shed and rearrange things out in the heat; it doesn't seem to bother him as much. Men are just tougher than women in some ways!
...........and here is the newest adopted family member who has taken up residence here for breakfast and supper every day for several weeks now. We've treated his ticks and fleas, and hopefully tomorrow if he shows up for breakfast as usual, he's going to be taken to be neutered...........if we can get him into the cat carrier! And I'm praying he won't catch and eat any little wild thing tonight; and also that when we turn him loose after his surgery, he will stay nearby. He's not a feral cat, but his owners wherever they are evidently don't care enough to feed or take care of him. So he's not exactly fully "tamed". Send us your kitty prayers tomorrow, please!


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello from Michigan. Phyllis I love looking at your beautiful blooms. The stargazier lilly is gorgeous. I love lillies. Sorry you are having such a heat wave. Take care Hugs Judy

Pont des Arts said...

clématite in paris

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi phyl
i have pic's of my clematis to post too :) mine seems very early this year??
i have a few peonies that are opening and it will be awhile yet before my lilys are up
hurray the heat finally broke here!!
i love your new adopted kitty and its so great you are neutering him!!
he;s a beautiful color! i hope he sticks around and lets you love him
enjoy your day