Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pink, pink, pink!!!

I needed a quick birthday gift last weekend and found the very thing for my cousin who loves the beach and flip-flops! A dear friend of mine in Florida has one of those computerized embroidery machines and sent me some little flip-flop sandals in different colors about a year ago. Well, I KNEW I'd "need" them someday, so here they are........stitched to a pink pillow with gold thread and a cute button that looks like a pair of tiny orange sunglasses! The great thing is that the pillow matches the birthday cousin's two new Adirondack chairs on her deck.........one is PINK and the other is ORANGE! And this beautiful piece of muslin was hand-dyed by another talented online friend, SuZ, and it has both pinks and oranges in it! Thanks, girls, for the goodies to play with!
This is a climbing/rambling/crawling rose bush near the neighbor's mailbox up at the highway. It's been neglected and now looks very much like the wild pink rosebushes we have growing along the roadsides in this area every summer. They are full of blooms, but NO fragrance! I like for flowers to have nice fragrances as well as being beautiful, but sometimes they don't do both. Like the beautiful stargazer lilies DH planted this spring and the first one is open; watch for its photo here tomorrow! (And guess what COLOR it is???!!!!!) heh, heh.............

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