Monday, June 9, 2008

Our first stargazer lilies.......

Aren't these pink stargazer lily blooms just the most beautiful shade of pink?! DH bought a bag of mixed lily bulbs several weeks ago because they were on sale and the poor things were trying to sprout in the bag....with no sun or water! We decided if the bulbs tried that hard to grow and bloom, we'd give them a little help.....and all seven have come up, but this pink one is the first to bloom. They are mixed colors, so each one will be a surprise!
My creative muse finally woke up yesterday, and is still pushing me to finish this felt cone with embellishments for a friend. I missed out on making "May Day" cones (like we used to make and hang on doorknobs for flowers) on one of my Yahoo groups. Not enough time! Too many beading projects still waiting! But when I saw the photos of the girls' finished cones, I wished I had made the extra effort to make one. So here's my first effort in the making.........hopefully it will be finished tomorrow and ready to mail.

I also started and finished a swap art quilt for the wall yesterday, but won't show the pix of it until it reaches its owner! Some of the things used (just to get your curiosity up) were cuts from a vintage/damaged wedding ring quilt; beads; buttons; and all sorts of fun embellishments! It's going out in the mail tomorrow also. Whew! This heat wave is keeping me inside and producing art, but I did go walking this a.m. around 6:30 and the heat wasn't bad at that time of day. The birds were singing and the early golden sunbeams were on everything.........a nice way to start the day; now I'm off for my mid-day nap!!!!!!!! (I am NOT a "morning person".)


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

The lilies are gorgeous, and I love the color of your cone.

Gammie said...

Beautiful color of cone. Have you seen the dolls made out of them?