Monday, June 16, 2008

Luscious "finds"...........

Recently I was lucky enough to buy a cache of wonderful Indian saris and blouses and pieces of dresses...........this dark pink one is nearly 12 feet long!
........and the beautiful white embroidery and sequins design goes all the way down two sides!
I don't know what this piece was originally; it's almost too heavy to be worn as clothing, but man, does it ever have "bling"!!! And that's my thing!
When I was younger I was more traditional, but the older I get, the more I love glitter and shine and bright, happy colors! One of my online friends has as her motto: "Life is short---wear sequins!"

Look how the blues turn into pinks as the fabric is moved..................... .........and all of the intricate gold embroidery on the hot pink background is so very gorgeous. Be sure to click on the photos and see the embellishment details larger. I'm not sure what these fabrics will become, but for sure some are meant to be fabulous purses and pillows and parts for art quilts for the wall. But right now I have to finish beading a little square pin so I can show that to you tomorrow, perhaps!

We are still in the grasp of the awful heat wave with high humidity today and DH is outside installing his fourth koi pool. I'm not much help to him except for keeping him full of liquids and telling him how great it looks; then I have to escape indoors with the A/C. (Something to do with "getting old", somebody told me!) I don't mind getting old, I just want to do it in comfort! Heh, heh...............


Maggie R said...

Hi Phyl,
Well it is about time I came to visit eh??!!
These saris are absolutely gorgeous!!!! My gosh you do come up with the most beautiful "finds"
Can't wait to see what you do with them. I thought maybe you would wear them for "High Tea" hee hee
Just owning them would be enough for me!!!
Art on Dear Heart...

Jes said...

Its not at all heavy as embroidered sarees go :). It would actually be worn on an ordinary wear sarees would be solidly beaded along the border and the pallu....nowadays the wedding sarees are beaded from top to can hardly walk :) but its worth it

Jes said...

Excuse me for not introducing myself first.I stumbled on your blog from the Bead Journal Project page and was happy to find sarees here that i just had to comment. The bead embroidered pins you make are simply beautiful...i loved the blue gold combination - and I enjoyed reading about Buddy and the photos of all the lovely flowers.