Monday, June 23, 2008

June favorites..............

The pink coneflowers and blue hydrangeas make a pretty arrangement together, and both last a long time indoors and drink lots of water! And the poor coneflowers are blooming with NO rains for weeks! They are truly a "dry weather" flower and re-seed themselves also.
I just found this cute enameled metal frog-on-a-stick when I cleaned out weeds, etc. beside one of the goldfish pools. He's been living in a flower pot for several years out in all kinds of weather and not changed his pretty colors at all !
And our daily walks have turned up the dainty Queen Anne's lace blooms this week all around the farm. We have one field just full of them; but the fields also are full of redbugs and ticks, so I don't venture into deep grasses this time of year! That's why I don't use this flower/weed in my little indoor floral arrangements! And our crops of maypop are up and growing like crazy, even with no rains. They will bloom soon and all so far are pale lavender; I will post pix when they come along. I love their intricate blooms, also called "passion flowers".

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