Friday, June 27, 2008

Books, birds, baubles..............

This is currently on my side table for reading, and I'm half through. It's not her BEST book, but it's interesting enough to go through the motions of reading it. This author has one of the most intelligent minds; so much talent for writing books you cannot put down; so unusual for her to be a forensic pathologist (among other titles). I wish she'd write her autobiography........and I'd love to meet and talk to her. I find fascinating people...........well.........FASCINATING! I'd ask her all sorts of personal, improper things just because she's had an amazing life so full of learning and doing things most of us never even consider or think about! I'm so perfectly happy staying home and enjoy my own company, and am able to keep myself occupied with artistic endeavors of one kind or another for hours..........or a time! I'm not a "people person"; so I of course admire those other "adventurous" souls who barge into the world and do exciting things. But I only want to READ about their adventures, not participate!
This little weird red bird with a green/polk-a-dot breast is from a cute bird pattern on our Cloth Paper Studio group online. The members are making several to swap, but I only wanted to make a few funky ones to keep, and am planning to reduce the pattern some and bead the body for a Christmas tree or window ornament. We shall see.................oh, if the photo will click and enlarge, you can see her little brass locket on her necklace!
........and this is my 2-inch pin block for June coming along slowly.......I love the vintage metal heart; it is half of a ladies' belt buckle! And the old pearls from a costume jewelry necklace are all pretty together. Then when I added one corner of the blue sequin and beads for some contrast, I didn't like it, so set it aside to ponder a few days. I need to hurry and finish it because NEXT week will be time to start beading the July square!!! Bye, now!!!

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