Thursday, June 5, 2008

I've been to the vintage shop again.........!

What wonderful little old porcelain dollies I found! Check out this little guy's top hat cocked at a sassy angle on his head! And poor baby with no legs has the sweetest face; I will have to use her in a way to hide her from the waist down. And her little arms move and are joined with wire!
And this little clay bird sings when your pie is done in the oven....and he's made of clay and has a little hole in his beak and one in his side.

The little pewter whale is very heavy and had such a sweet smile and eyes I felt like he'd love to go live with my Cuz Susan............she and I are souls of the sea and love the ocean and all its critters!
This little box is two inches by three and one-half inches and the top opens to show a Christmas carol printed inside the lid............
Here are the words in case you've forgotten them since childhood............
And when you turn the music box key, the tiny people dance around the Christmas tree on the circle in the floor! They're dressed in party long gowns for the ladies, and black tuxedos for the men..........don't forget to click on the photos to see them all larger!

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