Friday, June 20, 2008

Hydrangea days...........

We have two of these huge bushes, planted side by side. They each bloom different colors now after a few years. They used to be both blue; now one of them has some lavender/pink shades of color in its blooms. Either way, they are welcome each year...........I cut a vase of them and they last a long time (if the cats don't play with them).

This has been a hectic week, today especially. And we need rain again very badly............I hope tomorrow I will make time to finish a couple of small projects and upload pix of them here!

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Gammie said...

My hydrangeas change color every year. One year there was pink, blue, and white ones on the same bush. This year there are many blooms but they haven't come out yet. I wonder what color they will be.