Sunday, June 1, 2008

Purple power!

This old clematis vine in the neighbor's yard has been sadly neglected recently, but it's tough and without any lime or fertilizer or trimming back of old growth, it surprises us every spring once again with this amazing windmill full of blooms!
It's true, I COULD pull that huge, healthy weed growing at the side, but I usually just admire the big purple flowers and keep walking. It's just one of many glorious sights on our daily walk. I find it amazing that EACH and EVERY bloom on this clematis has five petals. That's true of most any bloom on any plant, in case you didn't know it........I have a NEED to count petals on different species just to see if God makes a slip-up once in awhile, but so far He hasn't.


Gammie said...

What a fantastic picture. This clematis is just divine. I can't get mine to grow this big.


Gypsy said...

Had so much fun reading your blog and looking at all the beautiful flowers, the haymaking, the finds and treasures at the vintage shops...glad you didn't pull up the pokeweed next to your clematis-the birds will thank you later this Summer, when they eat those purple berries a-coming!