Saturday, June 21, 2008

Latest projects.............

This will be my monthly pin/brooch for the month of May; now to bead up another for June! Since June is associated with brides and weddings, I think I'll do an all-white pin with pearls, white beads and some gold or silver. This pin above needs the lavender sequins straightened up and the edging finished off.
This cute bird pattern is being used in one of my Yahoo groups, Cloth Paper Studio as a swap. I didn't join that one because my project cup already "runneth over", but I love the primitive look of the pattern, so I had to sew up at least one. Lots of ideas here for using the new hot summer fabrics together; and also I got DH to reduce the pattern by about half and I want to bead a bird for a Christmas tree ornament. Can't you just visualize her nestled in the evergreen branches with little white lights glittering off her white and silver beads and sequins?!! (Wow, it's only six months until Christmas week...........better get my act together!)
One day this week it was too hot and humid for my morning walk, so I did it late in the afternoon, and this soft golden sunbeam was so pretty spread across our little pink petunia bed...........and the CATS are everywhere, of course!

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Liz said...

I do like the May brooch. And not just because I LOVE lavender! Because I think the plan for June sounds lovely too. I really must get my beads out soon.